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Taurus specialises in sourcing, acquiring, refurbishing and managing HMO and Serviced Accommodation properties in the Greater London area, Surrey and throughout South West London. We source below market value properties through our stringent in-house criteria and purchase through established relationships with agents, discount merchants and auctions to identify properties with the best development potential for our clients to maximise profits. We partner with investors using a water-tight joint venture agreement which ensures investors are protected and are exposed to the lowest risk as is plausible.

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  • Our main focus area is in the South Western parts of Greater London because we know the area quite well. Taurus has a team of trusted vendors and service companies. We have established business relationships over the years in the area. We have tried and tested the consistently high demand and scarcity of supply of accommodation for your professionals who struggle to get onto the property ladder.

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  • All our properties are ultra-modern creating a very relaxed, tidy, bright, spacious and high tech communal home for our professional tenants. Our brand ensures all our tenants experience a “home away from home” and get along just like Joey, Monica, Rachel and Ross in the sitcom Friends.

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