HMO residential accommodation

HMO residential
accommodations in
Kingston upon Thames

Example HMO projects

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3-bed semi-detached house converted to a 10-bed HMO property (Kingston)

Property management services in Kingston upon Thames

Profit projection

  • Initial investor cash injection – £150,000, for 50% in SPV, share increase prop. to monthly re-payment
  • 1st year forced value £1.1million and rental cash flow up to £90,000 from one property
  • Break-even in 6 months, 33% ROI in the 1st year
  • Rental yield up to 47% in 1st year
  • Increase or reduce equity participation by buying or selling shares based on property valuation of the day
  • £843,750 post-refurb equity release after 7 months of purchase

Data analysis (demographics)

  • Single young professionals constitute the bulk of the demographics in South West London

Data analysis

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